LRD Tucson Architect Hospice of the Valley Administration Building Exterior
LRD Tucson Architect UAMC Interventional Radiology Suite View 1
LRD Architects is committed to making people’s lives better through architecture. We strive to design buildings that are nice to live in, help someone feel better and make a work day easier. We want our built environments to make good neighbors and bring life to the communities in which they exist.
LRD Architects has a deep respect for the architectural traditions of our region. We believe we can combine these traditions with modern planning to counter the lack of place and identity in modern architecture, without resorting to decoration for its own sake. LRD works to design buildings that are rooted in the modern tradition, and also tied to the traditions of our region. Our approach sees regional architectural traditions as a resource and starting point.
LRD Architects is committed to the design of innovative environments for seniors that respond to their specific needs in a non-institutional setting.  We design inspiring, caring and practical environments that meet the needs of the people we serve, and enrich the quality of their lives and community. LRD’s projects range in size from 10 person small homes to 200 person continuing care retirement centers, and include independent, assisted living, skilled nursing and hospice care environments.
LRD Architects believe that design can and should enhance the experience of the patient and contribute to a more rapid, effective healing process.  In our experience, sustainable design naturally enhances good health care design.  Our use of natural materials, views and natural light supports technology, without sacrificing efficiency or safety. LRD also recognizes that designing health care spaces must be evidence based and supported by research.  We focus on proven strategies that lead to enhanced outcomes in health care facilities.
Civic buildings communicate and celebrate important core values of the communities that build them.  These buildings must be flexible enough to accommodate more than one pattern of use, but lasting enough to satisfy the needs of the community across generations. LRD Architects has worked for parks departments, environmental agencies and municipal authorities that maintain public infrastructure. We have designed projects as varied as light rail stations, recycling centers, band shells and comfort stations. We work to assist our clients in satisfying the fiduciary obligation they have to their citizens and customers, while celebrating their values.