We define sustainability as both environmental and cultural sustainability. A well designed building is integrated into its place and community, and is responsive to the landscape, climate and environment. We believe that sustainability and affordability go hand in hand. Our team has experience with many affordable, green projects.

Sustainable and Evidence Based Design:

LRD has completed several LEED® Gold Certified Projects. Our experience is accessible to clients to help them assess, plan and execute a wide range of “green” initiatives—from Energy and Sustainability Master Planning and LEED® Certification to improving immediate results by analyzing clients’ utility rates. We offer a holistic approach to renewable energy, conservation and sustainable design.

Our focus is always on producing tangible benefits that will assist our client’s experiences and outcomes.

Evidence based design emphasizes the importance of using credible data to improve the build environment. For example, in healthcare, evidence based design enhances patient and staff well-being, patient healing process, stress reduction and safety. Our approach to evidence based design strategies is driven by the need to develop pragmatic solutions to real world problems faced by our clients.

Our evidence based design approach typically includes the following four key elements:

  • Review existing research literature to select significant findings.
  • Review data gathered from site visits, surveys results, subject and other sources.
  • Predict the outcomes of design decisions.
  • Track the positive outcomes for design implementation.

Ultimately, the success of our design approach should produce measurable improvements in operational efficiency and user comfort, safety and care.